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100% Natural & Safe
Flax Hull Lignans have been produced by North Dakota Innovations, for 18 years. product is rich in lignans known as SDGs,which help the body fight against diseases such as AIDS/HIV, various cancers , cholesterol, diabetes, hair loss, and other types of illnesses.* Many researches have shown that lignans are beneficial to our health and boost our immunity, giving us the energy we need to fight off sickness and the different toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis.* We have cultivated our product for 18 using ancient seeds, whichmeans that our product is 100% all natural.* It has a long shelf-life, is a high-quality product, and thanks to the one of a kind technology developed by North Dakota Innovations, is very concentrated with lignans, which is why one scoop of our product, equals to gallons of  cold pressed flax seed oil.* We put our guarantee behind our product, and are driven by the many grateful testimonials and lives that were changed thanks to Flax Hull Lignans.*

No One Knew How To Obtain Flax Lignans In High Quantity until A Farmer In North Dakota Invented The Process.

While many research scientists have understood that inside the flax hull is a treasure chest of anti-cancer lignans, no one has been able to unlock those lignans without destroying them until a Christian farmer in North Dakota named Curtis Rangeloff says that God answered him in response to prayer and showed him how.* With the help of his friend Dennis Maw, they figured out how to isolate the hulls with the lignans intact; a process which had previously stumped medical scientists. Previously, removing the soft pulp resulted in its destruction, or more correctly, destroying much of its medical usefulness. Their proprietary process extracts the Lignans in such a way that it provides 1000 times the cancer cell destroying capabilities of just plain flax. Both of these farmers credit learning the secret to this process by attending the World Flax Conference held in Fargo, ND for the last 10 years. It was this knowledge, research, and prayers that blessed them with the idea of inventing the world's first chemical-free method of mechanically separating the lignan-rich hulls from the rest of the flax in a manner that prevents rancidity and allows for a stable, effective product for consumer use.

Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans boast a pure lignan content of up to 65%. Each scoop of the product contains 150-300 mg of SDG per serving.* That's 70 times the amount of SDG typically contained in the same amount of traditional ground flax seed.* In addition to their lignan content, flax seed hulls contain high levels of Omega-3s, as well as off-the-charts antioxidants.* To put it in perspective -- kale has one of the highest ORAC values (this is the measurement of a food's antioxidant content) at 1,770 per 100 grams. Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans? They come in at a whopping 19,600 per 100 grams.* The hulls also contain 4.3g of fiber and 2.8g of protein in each tablespoon.* And while the nutritional value of Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans is certainly a bonus, the true value of the product is in its promise as a potent cancer killer.*

The lignans of the flax help balance hormonal levels in both men and women.* It is the SDG lignan that balances estrogen levels in the body.* This is the reason why scientists have regarded it seriously by testing to see the influence of flax on cancer, an estrogenic condition.* In short, estrogen causes cells to proliferate.* Excess estrogen is not necessarily a good thing, however.* There is actually "good" estrogen and "bad" estrogen.* For example, we are exposed to too much estrogen in the environment through pesticides and chemical exposure, and through our diet (simple carbohydrates tend to increase insulin production, which in turn, increases the wrong kind of estrogen in our body).*

Flax seems to encourage the good estrogen to be created, and at the same time discourage the bad estrogen from developing.* Therefore, flax appears to help create a balance of this hormone.* During menopause, when the body may be low in estrogen, flax can help the body think it has more estrogen thus helping relieve some of the uncomfortable side effects, such as hot flashes.*

Research has shown that people who consume a high intake of lignans in their diet have markedly lower cancer rates.* Lignans not only have anti-cancer properties, they have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.* Flax hulls contain potent nutrients that have the potential to enhance immune system functioning and are effective against many different diseases (such as colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, lupus, prostate cancer, etc.)*

- Cancer fighting*
- Overall Health*
- Prostate Health*
- Diabetes & Blood*
- Heart Health &

- Breast Health &

- Obesity*

Natural Pet-grade Lignans*

- Overall Health*
- High Protein & Fiber*
- Anti InFlammatory*
- Anti Aging*
- Joint, Hip, Skin, Coat*
- Powerful Antioxidants*
- Cushings Disease*
- Add to Dry or Raw food


- Mood Stabilizer*
- Anti Inflammatory*
- Heart Healthy*
- Cancer fighting*
- Overall Health*
- Power of Turmeric
- Depression, mood
  swings & anxiety*

Natural Anti-Depressant*
PEACEFUL MIND™Combines the power of pure Turmeric (95% curcuminoids) & Flax Hull Lignans to deliver the most powerful and effective natural mood stabilizer on the market.* PEACEFUL MIND™ may help those dealing with symptoms of depression, mood swings, anxiety and overall mental health.* Unlike pharmaceutical drugs with harmful side effects, studies have shown the ingredients used in PEACEFUL MIND™ have no side effects, are non-addictive, can be taken long-term and are 100% natural and safe.* There is NO other product with a higher potency from a commercial source.  Contains powerful antioxidants and cancer fighting Secoisolariciresinol Glucoside (SDG), 17 other powerful lignans, high levels of Omega-3s and pure Turmeric Extract (95% HPLC) which studies have shown help support overall balance of emotions and mood.* Our source of lignans is the only product that has been mechanically separated without heat, chemicals, or solvents and maintains the richest source of SDG unlike ground, whole, or Flax oil.*

For example, you would need to take an enormous amount of flax and turmeric powder to equal this concentrate found only in our products.* There is a BIG differenc between our products and ground flax or turmeric powder.*

Studies have shown that our highest concentrate of pure Turmeric Extract standardized to 95-100% pure curcuminoids also is beneficial for fighting all types of depression, cancers, inflammation, intestinal problems, Crohn’s disease, joint pain, arthritis, heartburn, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, menstrual problems, fever, infections, ulcers, cholesterol, and heart disease.* With our highly concentrated ingredients, research institutions such as Harvard Medical and the Mayo Clinic have found equal effects to prescription drugs such as Prozac™ without the adverse effects.* It's time for a NATURAL alternative to help give you a calm & PEACEFUL MIND™. Start with 1 capsule and up to 4 as needed (90 Capsules per bottle).

Studies show Max’s Flax Lignans™ help improve overall health in pets.* Veterinarians recommend our powerful antioxidant lignans which have shown to boost pet’s immune system, fight cancer, help reduce inflammation in the joints & hips, healthy skin & coat, Cushings Disease, anti-aging and overall health. It may help as an immune boost, anti inflammatory, joint, hip, skin, coat, helps fight cancer and tumers.  It is also high in fiber and protein and a great additive to any raw or dry food. This overall health products is safe for ALL pets. Flax Lignans are NOT the same as whole, ground or flax oil. Your pet would have to take an enormous amount of flax to equal this concentrate found in the hulls of Max’s Flax.™* Our source of lignans is the only product that has been mechanically separated without heat or chemicals & the richest source of SDG & Omega 3&6 and does not go rancid.* It maintains no harmful side effects & 100% natural and safe.* It is safe for ALL pets and there are many stories of how Pet Lignans are transformation all types of pets from horses to dogs and cats.

"Daisy is a 15 year old pug (very old for the breed) and 2 1/2 years ago couldn't get out of bed.  After being on Max's Flax she is a puppy again to the amazement of her vet and does stairs no problem." - John E (Santa Monica, CA)

Consult your veterinarian before your pet takes any dietary supplement especially if pregnant or taking other medications.* Sprinkle 1/4-1 scoop per day on your pet's food. Usually 1/4 scoop per 20lbs and best if taken over long term. Your pet will love Max's Flax.*