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All Natural Flax HULL Lignans

Flax Hull Lignans have been produced by North Dakota Innovations, for over 18 years. Our product is rich in lignans known as SDGs, which help the body fight against diseases such as AIDS/HIV, various cancers , cholesterol, diabetes, hair loss, and other types of illnesses.*

Many researches have shown that lignans are beneficial to our health and boost our immunity, giving us the energy we need to fight off sickness and the different toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis.*

We have cultivated our product for over 18 years, using  ancient seeds, which means that our product is 100% all natural.* It has a long shelf-life, is a high-quality product, and thanks to the one of a kind technology developed by North Dakota Innovations, is very concentrated with lignans, which is why one scoop of our product, equals to gallons of  cold pressed flax seed oil.*

We put our guarantee behind our product, and are driven by the many grateful testimonials and lives that were changed thanks to Flax Hull Lignans.*


PEACEFUL MIND™ Combines the power of pure Turmeric (95-100% pure curcuminoids) & Flax Hull Lignans to deliver the most powerful and effective natural mood stabilizer and natural anti-depressant on the market.*  PEACEFUL MIND™ may help those dealing with symptoms of depression, mood swings, anxiety and overall mental health.* You have to take an enoumous amount of ground flax and Turmeric found only in our products.*

MAX'S FLAX PET LIGNANS™ help improve overall health in pets.* Veterinarians recommend our powerful antioxidant lignans which have shown to boost pet’s immune system, fight cancer, help reduce inflammation in the joints & hips, healthy skin & coat, Cushings Disease, anti-aging and overall health. It may help as an immune boost, anti-inflammatory, joint, hip, skin, coat, helps fight cancer and tumers.  It is also high in fiber and protein and a great additive to any raw or dry food. This overall health products is safe for ALL pets.


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